Tips For Meeting A New Casual Sex Partner

casual sex partnerMeet someone new for strings-free sex

Nothing is more fun than no-strings-attached casual sex that both people can enjoy without worry, drama,or commitment. It sounds great to almost everyone, yet it can be difficult to actually find the right person and the right arrangement to make casual sex work. These tips are designed to help you figure out where to meet a new casual sex partner and gives you a few ideas on the basics of how to behave once you’ve found the right person.

Where To Meet A New Casual Sex Partner

Potential partners are everywhere if you just take a closer look around. Try some of these hot spots for finding new people to have casual sex with:

In a bar.

It may seem like a cliche to meet someone in a local bar but it actually works. Bars are a great place to meet people who are having fun, getting a little tipsy, and are open to finding some action for the night. Take a look around to see if there’s anyone that catches your eye that you can go and hit on with your best pickup lines, or make yourself available by sitting in the middle of the room and doing something social like shooting pool or playing darts. You’ll never meet a new casual sex partner if you’re sitting in a dark corner where no one can talk to you.

Online classifieds.

For people who don’t have the game to pick up a stranger in a bar, or simply don’t have the time, online classifieds are a lifesaver when it comes to finding a new casual sex partner. It’s easier than ever before to handpick someone to have sex with when you use a classified service that lets you locate local men and women who are primed and ready for casual sex just like you are. Online classifieds save you having to talk to someone and subtly trying to find out if they’re up for casual sex because the people on those sites have already specified that they’re after the exact same thing as you are.

Your contacts list.

Your next great casual sex buddy might be right under your nose. If you know someone hot that you want to take out of the friendzone then you’re in luck, so long as they’re also up for casual sex. The beauty of hooking up with a friend is that you already know and like each other so there’s no worry of ending up with a crazy person in your bed. The downside is that casual sex with a friend can also ruin your friendship if things get complicated. If you think the risk is worth it then proceed by seeing if they’re up for it too.

Online dating.

Slightly different than online classifieds, online dating sites require that you create a profile and engage with the site and its users more than simply answering ads. Casual Dating sites are great if you’re looking for someone to have sex with that you’ll also have other things in common with and might like hanging out with, whereas classifieds are just about the sex. If you’re on the picky side you’ll probably have more success if you take the time to set up a profile and look for casual sex matches by specifying what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

How To Behave In A Casual Sex Relationship

Keep it classy and enter into a casual sex arrangement with the best manners possible. A couple of quick etiquette tips will get you in shape to be the perfect partner:

Be nice.

Casual doesn’t mean disposable. Even if you’re just in it for the sex it’s important to treat the other person with respect, especially if you ever hope to hook up with them again. Never kick someone out of our bed, don’t sneak out of theirs without saying goodbye, and treat them the same way you want to be treated by someone you’re sleeping with. No matter how casual it is there’s no excuse for being a jerk or treating someone badly, so remember your manners the next time you find a new casual sex partner.

Set clear expectations.

If you just want to have sex and never see each other again then make that very clear. If you want hang out as friends plus sleep together you should specify that too. Whatever it is that you want, you should very clearly express it to your new casual sex partner so there’s no confusion, hurt feelings, or complications later on. You need to both agree to the terms of the relationship for it to work and truly be just about casual sex.

Be in the moment.

Stressing about whether you’ll see them again, or wondering if they’ll be hurt if this is a one-time thing takes all of the fun out of casual sex. The whole point is that you can free your mind from the burdens of relationship drama, so spending your time thinking about it will just ruin a potentially good thing. You’ll get the most physical and emotional pleasure out of a casual sex relationship if you can cut off the mental noise, relax, and just enjoy the experience.

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